Our Programs

Our programs are jam-packed full of sensory activities that engage our bodies and challenge our minds. Dancing has so many benefits for people of all ages, so check out our programs. We would love to dance with you. 

The Pippi Project

Creative Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance

A creative dance theatre project in Lacombe for Ages 8-18. No Dance expereince required. Call for creative kids on August 6th, 2018 from 4-6pm
During our family classes, we play, imagine, explore and move our bodies. Our classes usually run for 6-8 weeks. We try to run a session once every season. 
We can bring creative dance to your, school, retirement home, or daycare to get your people moving and grooving. 

Creative Dance 

Being creative isn't easy. In fact, it takes a lot of courage to come up with your own ideas. In a creative dance class, we give you the opportunity and the tools to be creative so that each dancer is successful. 
A Brain Compatible Dance class

A sneak peak into what our creative dance classes are like...

 Every dance class will begin with a BrainDance warm up. The BrianDance, designed by Anne Green Gilbert, is a structured framework that strategically goes through the eight developmental patterns we all go through during the first year of life.  Practicing the developmental patterns through the Braindance awakens our minds, warms up our bodies and prepares us to learn; just as they did, or are doing,  in that first year of life.  
In addition to the Braindance, every class will focus on one of the thirteen dance concepts; for example place (self and general space), pathway, level, weight, relationship and so on.  We will explore this concept through a multi-sensory environment using most, if not all learning styles (visual, musical, logical, verbal, and bodily).   The multi-sensory environment is created by the use of different colored, textured and sized props that we will dance with and different rhythms and songs that we will dance to.  

Once the dance concept has been introduced and explored, we will practice such movement skills as skipping, galloping, marching, jumping, leaping and hopping. During a class of toddlers, this section would be structured as an obstacle course or a dance game.  While practicing locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills we will be building strength, gaining coordination and challenging our memory skills.

While all classes are designed specifically for the age group that is participating, each class is structured to employ the BrainDance, a dance concept, and general movement skills.  Through the classes, both parent and child will be gaining kinesthetic awareness, strengthening their vestibular and muscular systems and enjoying themselves in a social-emotional experience alongside other families.