Moving for the Mind

We'll bring creative dance to you! 

  Moving for the Mind is a traveling program that focuses on early childhood development through creative dance. This program educates parents, teachers or individuals about the importance of movement and the effects movement has on the brain and body. While we intend to educate, our program is nothing close to a lecture style class. Moving for the Mind is a creative dance program that is accessible to, literally, all ages and abilities (2 months old -100 years old to be more specific).   
Dancing in the Classroom 
Bring us into your classroom for easy brain breaks or let us help you teach your curriculum through movement! 
Dancing in the Retirement Home 
 Bring us into your retirement home to get everyone moving and socializing. The simple movements that we do will release tension in the body and increase its range of motion.  
Dancing in the Preschool or Dayhome
Bring us into your Preschool or Day home to practice developmental movement patterns through nursery rhymes and dance games. 
Dancing in the Studio
Bring us into your dance studio for a creative dance workshop. We'll give your students the tools necessary to create authentic movement and discover their own movement signature. 
Dance in the classroom
Day home activities
Seniors dance
Preschool activities
Photos taken by Cameron Fairbairn
Learning to dance; Dancing to Learn
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