Creative dance

New Spring 

Creative Dance Classes

in Central Alberta

Our classes are designed to integrate brain compatible principles. Meaning that, during the classes, we will work in a multi-sensory environment, strengthen our kinesthetic awareness, practice developmental patterns, and primary reflexes, be active and be creative.   

Mom and Baby Dance Class

Baby and You
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March 28 - May 2, 2018
@ The Forum Red Deer 

Wednesday 11:00am-12:00pm

Ages: 2-24 months
6-week session
Investment: $80
This class is designed for caregivers and their children ages of 2 -12months (or walking). We will play and move together focusing on early development through music and sensory experiences. Throughout the class, we will sing, spin, jump, skip, laugh and dance together. While the focus of the class is movement, there will always be an opportunity for parents to discuss and share parenting strategies with each other. 

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Ages 3-5 Dance Class

Princesses and Dinos
Early Development
March 6- April 4, 2018 
@ The Forum, Red Deer

Tuesdays 5:30 pm

Ages: 3-5
6-week session
Investment: $100

This, ages 3-5, dance class is jam-packed with a range of movement activities that allow us to imagine, explore, create and experiment. We will strengthen our brains through the BrainDance and learn about different movement concepts in order to practice our literacy skills and grow our movement toolbox.  Leaping and spinning and galloping are our favorite things to do in this class. Costumes are encouraged! 
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  1. bonding time
    Our busy dance class can be overwhelming and overstimulating. So nothing beats relaxation in the middle of a busy dance class. We always take time to lay on the floor and focus on our breath.
  2. Multi-sensory
    We practice the BrainDance at the beginning of every dance class.The BrainDance helps us wake up, get ready to learn and can even strengthen or repattern neurological patterns.
  3. The Group Plan
    The Group Plan
    Sharing the group plan at the beginning of class helps us stay on track and calms the nerves of any unsure dancers.
  4. dance blackfalds
    Circle Dances
    Circle or folk dances help us form a community. We really need to work together in order to successfully dance as one big group.
Wear-your-baby Dance Fitness
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Top 40 groove session for you and baby. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Let us know! 
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